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About TGEL Enterprises & Our Founder, Derrick The Gent

TGEL Enterprises

TGEL Enterprises

Purpose Statement:
TGEL Enterprises (or The Gent Enterprises LLC) is a social enterprise consulting and partnerships firm focusing on project management and coaching; where 10% of all monies earned through TGEL services goes to support youth and their families in need locally, nationally and in the future globally.

Vision Statement:
To become the nation's leading social enterprise that enhances the areas of:

  • Providing Project Management services that produces E.P.I.C. experiences, systems, and/or structures for all stakeholders and/or consumers served

  • Serving as an incubator for Coaching and Training

  • Personal and Professional Development through Empowerment Speaking and Storytelling

By providing these excellent services and innovative guidance, TGEL Enterprises strive to produce life changing opportunities for growth & advancement of all people and industries.

TGEL Cares:

TGEL Cares is our philanthropic arm where we provide youth development workshops/experiences and monetary financial assistance to under-served youth pursuing higher education and/or youth uplifting their local communities.

Derrick The Gent

Derrick The Gent

When you think of style and class; organization and structure; education and empowerment; equity and advocacy, Derrick Marcell Fleming, Jr., also known as “Derrick The Gent”, is the man to make it happen. With a heart to serve and a passion for youth and system change, Derrick brings electrifying energy to any atmosphere. With over 10 years of experience in youth development and over 8 years of project management and coaching experience; Derrick brings a level of problem-solving skills that sets everyone at ease and makes solutions-focused work feel like fun.


The Derrick The Gent brand is meant to touch, move and inspire people from all walks of life to JUST BE and live personally liberated lives.


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