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When you think of style and class; organization and structure; education and empowerment; equity and advocacy…Derrick is the man to make it happen. With a heart to serve and a passion for youth; Derrick brings electrifying energy to any atmosphere. With over 10 years of experience in youth development and over 8 years of project management and coaching experience, Derrick brings a level of problem-solving skills that sets everyone at ease and makes solutions-focused work feel like fun.

This is Derrick Marcell Fleming, Jr., a former White House Staff Member under the Obama-Biden Administration. Since being back in Chicago the past 8 years Derrick has worked for Metropolitan Family Service, Youth Guidance, and now Chicago Scholars. Helping to support nearly 100,000 plus youth in Chicago and around our nation through both direct and indirect services, projects, collaborations, and partnerships. All with the goal to ensure all youth (their families & our communities), but especially black and brown youth, have a fair, inclusive, and equitable chance at a successful life. 

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