Mission statement

The Gent Enterprises, LLC. mission is to provide high quality consulting and project services that allows individuals, organizations, companies and others to reach their personal or professional goals and outcomes; while treating them and their stakeholders, clients or customers with grace and class. 


Vision Statement:

To become the nation's leading social enterprise that enhances the areas of: 

  • Youth Development & Engagement  

  • Project Management & Evaluation  

  • Event Planning & Organizing  

by providing excellence leadership, innovative guidance and life changing opportunities for growth & advance. 

While doing this, 10-30% of dollars earned by TGEL goes back into local low-socioeconomic community to support youth in grades 6th-12th and their families. 

TGEL's S.C.O.P.E. Objectives:

  1. Service - provides high-quality services to reach and/or maximize clients outcomes 

  2. Consultation - consults every client with close to attention detail 

  3. Outreach - gives to communities and/or organizations that provide services to youth and their families 

  4. Partnership - works closely with businesses/organizations to provide and/or increase goods and/or services 

  5. Evaluation - evaluates every project (large or small) to ensure high quality control and implementation of services

TGEL Services:

  • Youth Development

  • Project Management

  • Corporate Event Planning