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Social Impact Influencing & Activating

According to, Social Activation is a branding concept which is the act of transforming your social media followers from voyeurs, into participants, into ultimately, evangelists. Social activation occurs when fans and followers directly participate in the activities your brand lays out, such as contests, coupon redemption, and photo and experience sharing.

For TGEL Enterprises & Derrick The Gent, social activation is similar to this branding concept, however, we take it a step further by curating campaigns and experiences that touch, move, and inspire all people to use their unique time, talents, and treasures to help create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive world around ourselves. Our founder often says, "When the collective chooses themselves, we demonstrate what true inclusion and respectful difference looks like." We do this through social impact influencing, community building, and connections.

Current Projects include:

  • The JUST BE campaign.

  • The Redefining Manhood Talk Series

The "JUST BE" Campaign.

The JUST BE Campaign


The JUST BE campaign. is a social movement to allow ALL people to “JUST BE”!!! “JUST BE” their authentic, transparent, and honest selves.

To many times people of color, men, women, the LGBTQ+ community, Christians (or any religion/faith), and any person/community that has ever been “othered”; are forced to live by the white able body cis-gender male heteronormative and white supremacist patriarchal and capitalistic societal standards of what it means to exist in the world around us. (This is especially true for black and brown boys, young men, and men.)


The JUST BE campaign. is meant to help dismantle current and historic systemic forms of oppression or indifference, foster anti-racism, eliminate hate, and activate individuals both personally and professionally to choose themselves and love themselves authentically, transparently, and honestly. "When the collective chooses themselves, we demonstrate what true inclusion and respectful difference looks like."


Additionally, The JUST BE campaign. is meant to empower and motivate the world around us to allow all humans to “JUST BE”. That regardless if you agree with how someone lives their life or just shows up in the world; that you can still respect them and in some cases, you can still love them. That regardless of where you work, where you worship, where you travel, or etc.; you should be able to “JUST BE”. That regardless of who you are, what you look like, and how you may identify; that there is a place for you in this world, there’s a community for you to belong too, and it’s okay to “JUST BE” you.


More information to come. Partnerships are welcomed. Contact us to learn more. 

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